Content Management
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 Universal Desktop 

Building a web site is simple!
Just create a "document", edit the content and/or cut & paste, and save!

Library Content
Documents, images, audio, video, links, etc.
All can be easily managed and secured, and works like the "commonly known" folder structure in Windows. Also, any metadata can be assigned to any library content, this metadata can be used for grouping or searching on documents.

Images can be browsed through using thumbnails, and full screen image slideshows can be setup.

eForms for User Interaction & Collaboration
Data can be submitted using HTML or PDF forms.
When data is submitted a notification email can be sent so you can "keep tabs" on activity with specified forms. This functionality can make for a good solution for many support environments.

Status can be changed on results which also allows for comments to be entered. These status changes and comments can all be reviewed at a later date being that a history of all status changes is kept.

Results can be reviewed, filtered, and grouped by users with the appropriate access. This allows for totaling incoming data for eForm surveys.

Just Kidding Around Preschool & Daycare utilizes this portal application and it's content management capabilities.