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  Sunday, February 23, 2020 1:35A  
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 Universal Desktop 
The Personal Edition is an efficient and effective way to manage your files, calendar, tasks and more from any web access point in the world, or of course universe!

  • Easily edit web page content, just like working with a typical web page editor application!
  • Collaborate with other portal users on projects.
  • Store your shared documents in an explorer like directory, fully searchable.
  • Share your documents and content with other portal users, or other 'buddies' that have the Personal Edition.
  • Access multiple POP email accounts in 1 view.
  • Keep a "Library" of Images, or Music, or Videos that can be accessed from anywhere on the web!
  • Media can be viewed and/or played via slideshows and playlist formats.

Example "Library" of Images
with thumbnails: