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 Document       Last Modified - Fossett makes history - Mar 3, 2005
Pilot Steve Fossett has become the first person to fly solo nonstop round-the-world. His plane, the Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, touched down Thursday afternoon in Salina, Kansas, more than 66 hours after he lifted off from the same spot.
3-Mar-2005 2:07 PM
2-Mar-2005 7:20 PM
MSNBC - Globe-circling pilot descends toward landing
Fossett ends historic flight where he started, in Kansas
3-Mar-2005 2:17 PM
2-Mar-2005 7:22 PM
Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer : Home Page
Virgin Atlantic GlobalFlyer, brought to you on the web by Conchango, is Steve Fossett's latest round the world record attempt in conjunction with Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic. One man, one world, 80 hours, 80 tons of fuel... see it all here.
2-Mar-2005 7:21 PM