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Historic rocket powered by rubber fuel
Hybrid ingredients easier to use and less toxic
21-Jun-2004 12:14 PM
Mojave Airport - Civilian Flight Test Center
Americas First Inland Spaceport
19-Jun-2004 11:11 PM
6-Oct-2004 10:20 AM
6-Oct-2004 10:10 AM
18-Oct-2004 10:37 PM
11-Sep-2004 11:24 AM
11-Sep-2004 11:23 AM
11-Sep-2004 11:25 AM
6-Oct-2004 10:17 AM
New spaceport set for milestone mission
Privately funded launch stirs space dreams anew
19-Jun-2004 11:09 PM
Private rocket ship breaks space barrier
SpaceShipOne soars 62 miles to cross space boundary
21-Jun-2004 12:08 PM
Scramjets Could Rocket Australia Into 21st Century
Sydney - Jan. 6, 2001 - Dr. Allan Paull and his crew at the University of Queensland's Centre for Hypersonics are about to make the first test flight of their brand new toy - the world's first operational scramjet. If the thing works, the UQ scramjet will be the fastest air-breathing engine ever built, capable of pushing aircraft along at up to ten times the speed of sound.
4-Oct-2004 4:03 PM
4-Oct-2004 4:19 PM
Video of winning flight.
4-Oct-2004 4:06 PM