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  Sunday, February 23, 2020 2:15A  
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 Universal Desktop 

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  • Universal Desktop a.k.a. uDesktop is a personal or business portal ("corporate portal") that can enable your information - information you commonly look for on the intranet or Internet - to be assembled in one place, accessible from anywhere in the universe - or at least the world.
  • Features include file and document management, content editing, web storefront (eCommerce) and product management capabilities, image management, image slideshows, pop email access via the web, etc.
  • Information and Content will be constantly updated on this site, including some features to come such as mulitple email account access, image/file upload and sharing, task lists, calendaring, and many other useful tools.
  • If you have any requests for specific content that you would like to access via uDesktop for yourself, or to share with friends, family, etc. please just contact us!