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  Sunday, February 23, 2020 1:39A  
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 Universal Desktop 
If your business needs to keep up with your customers, and time is short for maintaining your web site, then uDesktop Portal would be a great fit!  With uDesktop Portal you will be able to easily manage and maintain content in just minutes or even seconds. To change content on a page all that is needed is:
  1) Login to the portal
  2) Browse to the page that needs editing
  3) Select the content to be edited
  4) Make your changes and click save.

All functions are handled right in your browser!
     uDesktop Portal was designed to easily integrate with any new or existing web applications.  Portal security can be integrated with your existing application with minimal (if any) modifications required.  If you don't currently have any web applications consider how valuable data from a simple database query could be in the hands of an executive, manager, or salesperson. This could be done simply, up-to-date, and inexpensively using uDesktop.

Perhaps you have been considering how to get information to employees, partners, or customers in a timely manner, then uDesktop Portal can help you to keep your users informed!